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Reaktek RTL8187B


This project has an aim to provide some usefull information upon Realtek RTL8187B chip set based wireless devices. Actually this is kinda fork of the Rtl-wifi project. And the one is the basic project related to drivers for Realtek's wifi based devices, please visit the project, it's really cool and helpfull.
We provide here some patched driver to be compiled and working with recent Linux kernel. Also there is a hope some day we will get the driver upon mac80211 stack, so there wil be more testers needed.

What we have:

- The driver is in the kernel upsteam. This driver is for old kernels. - The driver written by Andrea Andrea Merello for rtl818x chipset based wireless devices driver.
- Modified Andrea's driver by Realtek to support rtl8187b driver.
- Modified driver by Cuervo to support 0BDA:8197 (subvendor/device id) rtl8187b chipset.
- Modified driver for recent kernel (2.6.24).

What we don't have:

- Well documentation is not provided by Realtek. Sad but true :'(.
- The driver is really fretful. Many kernel oops happens while adjusting network.
- WPA/WPA2 encryption. I'm not sure wpa is not working but for a moment I can't fore it to work.
- Even WPE encryption not feeling well when AP provided only WPE shred key encryption.


Johnny Cuervo patched driver (for kernels older than 2.6.24) could be found here:

svn co -r1 https://rtl8187b.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/rtl8187b

Patched version of driver for recent kernel is here:

svn co https://rtl8187b.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/rtl8187b